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Forage Supply Co. is our passion.

Change is possible

The world contains a finite amount of resources. When we use too much, the ecological balance is thrown out. Human beings have an enormous influence on the world. We’ve achieved many amazing things during our time on Earth, but this has come at a cost.

Forage Supply Co. gives everyone the opportunity to think and act more sustainably. We want to create a movement of people helping themselves and the world around them. We’ll show you lots of everyday things you can do to help and just how easy it can be to bring a little bit of sustainability into your life.

After calling the Barossa Valley home for most of their youths, Scotty and Justin decided to do what all Vallians dream of: create a unique wine label for the people.

If you don't know us, the first thing you need to know is that Scotty is well-travelled. Just ask him – if you haven't heard the dive master story, you don't know Scotty. Justin, or "Juz" to the team, played footy, has four kids, and hasn't traveled further than the coastline of his home state. It's a true yin and yang partnership.

That friendship has held us in great stead by having all bases covered. Scotty, an outgoing extrovert, loves to grin and welcome you with open arms, talking to anyone and selling you a bottle of wine along the way. Juz, on the other hand, is the creative one who is well and truly behind the curtain – some might say he doesn't even exist – but he always manages to produce when needed.

Both have a true passion for saying "yes," which has led them into many projects that have fed their enthusiasm for helping out their community and initiatives that particularly help people experiencing hardship.

The true "glass half full, half empty" type, they operate with the mentality of making some delicious vino with the greatest impact on the community and the smallest impact on the environment, and somehow remain friends most of the time.