What is foraging?

Foraging refers to eating locally. This can mean finding food within your local environment, growing your own produce, or simply choosing a local producer. 

How is foraging sustainable?

When you forage for plants, mushrooms and berries, you’re using produce that appears naturally. This doesn’t have as great an impact on the environment as the usual processes involved to source and manufacture our food.

How do I eat sustainably?

A simple way to eat sustainably is to eat locally. This minimises transport, reducing the carbon footprint of your meal! Another way to eat sustainably is to incorporate more plant based meals into your week. Plant based agriculture has a relatively small environmental footprint. So think veg and meat rather than meat and veg.

Why is sustainability important?

With the world’s population growing by 228,000 people every day, our resources are steadily being consumed, disrupting the Earth’s delicate balance. Sustainability works to restore this balance through practices like recycling, alternative energy and water conservation. It protects our future, ensuring generations to come have the quality of life we enjoy.

Does the Forage Food Van sell any meat dishes?

No, vegetarian only here! But we think our meat loving friends will be pleasantly surprised just how tasty our foraged delights can be.

How can I book the Forage Food Van for my own event?

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